Web3 1v1 Esports Tournaments

Battlecoins.net is a 1v1 Esports Tournament platform, that enables players to create tournaments with set entry fees that a competitor would have to match, to then set the prize pool amount.

After the 1v1 tournament is played, the winner is then distributed the prize pool (both players entry fees minus our service fee).

Integrating Crypto

BattleCoins’ will be developed on the EVM blockchain Matic, due to lower gas fees. In terms, lower gas fees generate higher returns on matches for the consumer

As cryptocurrency enthusiasts & supporters of blockchain technology, we decided to introduce a way to make cryptocurrency more applicable in the realm of gaming.

Skill-based Gaming

All of our games are skill-based and the results strictly depend of player's skill level and experience unlike games based on random outcomes.

To be clear, our games and services are in no way gambling, we are a contest of skill service which is legal under federal law.

- "A skill contest is a puzzle, game, competition, or other contest in which a prize is awarded or offered, the outcome depends predominately on the skill of the contestant, and a purchase, payment, or donation is required to enter. The DMA requires that mailings for skills contests include a clear and conspicuous statement which discloses all terms and conditions and provide​​s a name and address where the sponsor can be reached. Additionally, the mailings must disclose certain information such as the number of rounds or levels, the cost to enter each round, the maximum cost to enter all rounds, the estimated number of entrants who may win, the qualifications of the judges, the method used in judging, the date prizes will be awarded and the value and nature of each prize. 39 U.S.C. § 3001(k)(3)(B)."

Mission Statement

The Purpose of BattleCoins is to provide fun & interactive skill-based tournaments within the crypto industry. Here at BattleCoins, our team is diligenty working to make the most efficient & exciting skill-based tournament systems in the blockchain space.

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