Get Started

Start playing in a few simple steps.

Create an account with us/Log-in

Click on the "Log-in" or "Sign-Up" button on the right side of the header

Note: We aim to remove this function at some-point & have users only need to connect via MetaMask.

Connect/Create MetaMask Wallet

Make sure to connect MetaMask through our "connect" button in our header. If you don't have a MetaMask wallet, download the extension by clicking the image below.

Note: We aim to add more wallet options going forward however, currently we only support MetaMask.

Setup MATIC-RPC on MetaMask

We run on the MATIC Mainnet, so you'll have to have their network added on MetaMask. If you're unfamiliar with this process click the Matic logo below.

Bridge/Buy MATIC

This step is the longest but, we have simple methods in place to make this process easier.


Method 1: Bridging MATIC

Sending crypto to the MATIC Mainnet can be expensive & sound complicated to new users in the crypto world. At BattleCoins, we've taken this into consideration and have strategically partnered with the Umbria.Network Bridge. Umbria boasts a bridging service that's 10x cheaper & 10x faster, even better news, they've enabled us to have their bridge connected straight into the BattleCoins website!

1. Send ETH & MATIC to the Ethereum Mainnet.

Purchase MATIC & ETH from your exchange of choice then send it over to your MetaMask Wallet address.

Note: you'll only need ETH to cover gas fees for transferring & bridging. If gas prices are a concern to you click on the Cointool logo below to see live updated gas fees for ETH.

2. Goto our Bridge page & Connect wallet

3. Select bridge from ETH to Polygon

4. Select the MATIC token, Input the amount you'd like to bridge, press bridge, confirm with MetaMask & you're good to go!


Method 2: Moonpay

If bridging isn't for you, the alternative we recommend is using Moonpay to purchase MATIC.

1. Search "Matic - Polygon (Polygon) and enter an amount. Click "Continue" and pay with a debit/credit card.

Note: Moonpay has a $30 minimum, and they enforce KYC. Which requires you to verify your identity with multiple documents.

Create a tournament and start playing!

Now that you've got everything setup, you're ready to start battling! Here are some easy steps to show you how!

1. Towards the top right of the page click "Lobby".

2. Proceed to click on "Create Room".

3. Select game & entry amount (Min: 5 MATIC), then press "Create Room".

4. Wait for an opponent to join your lobby, or have a friend join with your Room Code via & your ready to battle!

Claiming funds

Will be addressed once Smart Contract v1 is live.